Rise of Orcus


In which BOOM (again)

After a successful incursion into the plagued district (which some of you sincerely hope doesn’t entirely burn down) you save the guards and claim your prize.

Bal hands over the following items:

Potion of misdirection
Oil of cure light wounds
+1 Vicious heavy flail
Wand of Fox’s cunning (scroll shaped; command word ‘balderick’)
Shortspear +1
Ring of the Ram

Scroll (divine) (CL5)

  • Cat’s grace
  • Flaming Sphere
  • Magic Circle vs Chaos

Scroll (divine)

  • Hide from animal
  • Command

The casket contains 994gp, and is fine enough that it might be worth something itself, if you could find the right buyer.

You feel a sudden need to divest yourselves of as much coin weight as you can…

You’ll each be spending 5sp per night on inn lodging, and 6sp per day for a couple of meals (unless you intentionally want to slum it).
Stabling is 7.5sp per day, first day paid up front (Link, Valerie, note this).
You each pay 1cp per weapon you had to have bound (if you have fewer cp to hand before entering the city, you might have to help each other out/overpay by using a sp).

Total XP for the session is 2880 (including a TEAM SYNERGY BONUS for having everyone present), which works out to (rounded) 411XP each.

Unless you think it should be otherwise, you can assume you’ve used up all your food through journeying. You’ll need to stock up before departing (including horse and wolf food…). Food base prices are currently double due to the regional shortage.


Sweet – claiming the Wand and the Potion of Misdirection. Adding 142 (=994 / 7) gp to my character sheet, and 411 XP.


I’m happy to take the curing oil and any scrolls people don’t wish to carry.

Also adding XP and money to my sheet.

I got so much sheet…

ganon42 ganon42

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