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Of Mice and Macros

Hey folks – just figured out a few things about macros which should make them easier to maintain, and, crucially, easier for me to run your characters if you miss a session. Those of you who have already created them, this might require some tweaks, but you should be able to repurpose what you have.

If any of this doesn’t make sense, by this method, I should actually be able to create them for you on my end, so let me know if you’re having issues and I can do it.

The first thing to do is to launch roll20 and open the journal tab:


Then open your character page, which you should have rights to edit. Open the Attributes and Abilities tab and click ‘edit’.


You want to add some key attributes which your macros will be dependent on that will change with relative frequency. Eg. any regular skills, your base attack bonus(es), your saving throws. Add them as ‘attributes’ and fill in the left hand column with the appropriate bonus.

Once you’ve got one or more of these in, add an ‘Ability’ on the right. Give it a name as you have with a macro, and hit the pencil button. Then write it up as you would a macro (or paste in your macro from before). The one difference is what you add to the roll. For example, for an attack, instead of manually filling in my bonuses, I’ll add a callout to the attribute I created. Hitting ‘@’ should bring up a list of attributes for you to select from. Eg.

/me swings his mighty GM sword
/roll d20+@{base attack bonus}+2+1

The ’@{base attack bonus} will substitute in the value of whatever is in my BaB attribute, the remaining values are my strength and other weapon-specific bonuses. When I level up, if I have 4 different weapon macros, I just need to update the one value (unless my strength changes, but that should be rare enough.


Now, here’s the clever bit, at least from my perspective. Above the macro text field, tick the boxes. ‘In bar’ adds them to your macro bar as before (which may create some formatting issues – see below). ‘Token action’ makes this available to anyone who can control the token (ie. me). When one of us clicks on your character token, they will have quick access to your macros at the top of the screen. This is what I’m going to start doing with monsters.


The problem this may create is having too many things in the bottom bar. If this happens, turn off your original macros from being in your bar (don’t bother deleting them, though). If you still have too many (they will all be prefixed with your character name, which doesn’t help, be selective about what goes into your toolbar – choose the most common ones you use. The rest will still be available when you click on your token, and I’ll have quick access to your stats without clawing through your character sheet.

Sound good? Sound excessively complicated? Or just not worth it? Let me know. As another point of best practice, can you start entering your AC into the red circle on your character tokens – again, so I can find these stats quickly.



ganon42 ganon42

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