Rise of Orcus

Muir-ving On Up

In which a friend is blinded, and the shortcomings of armour are revealed

After a protracted battle against the forces of Orcus, you finally complete the cleansing and re-dedication of Muir’s shrine, and uncover the storehouse beneath. The apparition of the paladin Karith charged you to recover the Chalice of Elanir and the Stone of Tircople from the currently unbreached tomb of Alaric on the second subterranean level of the burial halls. The stone and chalice have powerful magical properties, though you currently don’t know what they are.

Stopping for another day to rest and recover (and also to be sure the shrine isn’t quickly overrun once more…), you head West for the burial halls in the forest, leaving your cart at the edge.

You arrive at the burial halls unmolested, until you pass beneath the arch, triggering some sort of energy trap, which brings skeletons running from within. You advance and sweep a few of the rooms before discovering a secret door in the west wall, triggering a further trap (blowing up your lantern) and bringing forth more skeletons from the north…

Colin – Large steel shield (device of Muir), scroll of (2x cure light wounds, bless, chant, prayer)
Hrothgar – Large steel shield (device of Muir), scroll of (2x cure light wounds, bless, chant, prayer
Schmaull – Evil? magic mace
Valerie – Karith’s longsword, karith’s chainmail, large steel shield (device of Muir), studded leather armour
Welby – prayer book, studded leather armour (small size)

87gp to divide
5 suits of chainmail added to cart


Let me know if I’ve missed something you’ve taken, or anything else.


ganon42 ganon42

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