Rise of Orcus

Loot Update

Summarizing the group's recent cashflow

Just to catch up on quite a lot of sessions where loot hasn’t been adequately listed and/or shared.

You’ve all claimed a share of 1750gp (I believe this was from the cash pile) each, already.

You’ve also collectively recovered, from various bodies:

700gp, 4423sp.

There was a reasonable amount of gold left back in that pile in the basilisk lair.

The following items were taken from the basilisk lair (not 100% on who currently has these in their possession):
Twelve small gems
Four slightly larger gems
Two pieces of gold jewellery (necklace and ring)
Scroll (divine)

Alana recovered the following items from the Half-Orc’s body last session:
Spiked gauntlet
Ring (small blue inset gem)
Small blue vial of liquid

If there’s anything that you think might be missing, let me know.

*Detected as magical


ganon42 ganon42

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