Rise of Orcus

A Stony Silence Falls

In which Schmaull's charging gets him into trouble

You continued your search of the dungeon, scoping out a large section of one of the subterranean levels. A brief encounter with some enormous bats puts you on your guard (if you weren’t already), but you manage to avoid tangling with them. Maybe they just weren’t hungry enough.

After stumbling across (and trying to engage in casual conversation) a statue in the large cavern into which you entered from the level above, you quickly determine what put it there. A basilisk came stomping into the chamber, making lazily for its next meal. It didn’t, however, count on the sneaky dwarf and halfling lurking round a corner, and was promptly taken down.

Some more exploration later, featuring many caves, some dug earth, and some darting cave slugs, you find yourself in what must have been the basilisk’s lair. You guess this from the smell, the large number of statues, and the other basilisk staring at you from the corner.

The fight was pretty short and brutal, for once with the monster taking all the damage, not managing to get its teeth into any of you. Although a sideways glance at the charging barbarian did rather ruin his day, adding Schmaull, big grin as he rolled his axe round for another pass, to the collection of statues in the room.

The silver lining…well, was actually more of a gold lining. The basilisks seemed to have amassed a rather impressive collection of loot, particularly coins. The only problem will be finding a way to transport it out of the dungeon…

6,914 sp
105 ep
21,396 gp
sixteen gems of varying sizes and colours
two fine-worked silver necklaces
crown inlaid with gems
*a pair of gauntlets

asterisk indicates detected as magical



A Stony Silence Falls
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