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Thought Process: Rebuilding Characters

Having had some time to collect my thoughts on some of the questions asked re:rebuilding characters.

The short answer is: yes, but with some qualifications.

I’m actually generally against it from most perspectives. RPGs of most kinds shouldn’t, in my view (and this very much a ‘Your Mileage May Vary’ depending on the style of game, GM and player, but we have this one, so there you go :)) be about gaming the system – it’s about playing the game with what you’ve got. Flawed and imperfect characters are, in theory, more fun.

In the PHBII, which I haven’t spent a lot of time going through in the past, it gives some guidelines on how you could feasibly contextualise changing aspects of your character – trading off skills, for example. Adjusting ability scores – the main topic of the questions raised – is something much more major, requiring multi-part quests to achieve something suitably significant. Again, I’d dispute the worth of investing that much time into trying to do that, but that’s just me.

The flipside to all this is that it is, ultimately, a game, which means that enjoyment is king*. Coupled with, and perhaps more important than, this is the fact that when creating your characters you didn’t really have a full sense of the rules and dynamics of mechanics.

With that in mind, I’m happy to open it up for people to make some retroactive changes to their character stats at this point. This will be a one-time thing. I’d prefer more minor changes, but will consider bigger things. If there are things you want to tweak, drop me a note to run things by me and we’ll go from there.

One note on ability scores in this regard – remember that ability scores were generated and then assigned at character creation, rather than bought up in points – so while you could potentially shift these round, it isn’t a case of ‘rebalancing’ them perfectly, but swapping them round. I still have a record of your original scores, so ask me if that’s what you’re after.

DM out.

*actually, in D&D terms, that’s me, but you get the picture.


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