Rise of Orcus

The Struggle for Fairhill

Here’s a way of think about this – Baran, Arlen and Shandril will be making the final calls, but your advice will sway them significantly. Let me know your answers/suggestions (needn’t be unified as a group – the aforementioned can still take multiple perspectives on board!).

How many, if any (or what profile) of the commoners are you proposing/willing to let fight if it comes to it? Few will be properly armed. (Assume that there are approx 500 including fairhill villagers and refugees).

Fairhill has a militia of 25 trained troops, plus a few lieutenants. They also have x ‘Experts’ who are craftsmen or tradesmen from the town, for the most part. There are 2 opportunities (other than Crimmor) to set traps at the towns for the army (assuming they haven’t already reached the first one).

How many Experts would you commit to each one (bearing in mind some of them will be invaluable for fortifying Fairhill, if that’s what you propose), and do you send any militia with them to protect them? How willing are you to destroy the villages, crops etc in the process? What about the people that might still be there?

All of these factors will affect the effectiveness of the traps(if it’s indeed possible for them to succeed), and the survival chances of those setting/springing them.

What, if any, fortification do you do around Fairhill?

How else would you use the workforce available?

Call the day after your ‘war council’ day 1. You expect the army to arrive some time on day three (could vary).

Things to consider:
- Because of its connection to Freya, the region, and Fairhill in particular, is a major crop producer for the wider area (discussed when the Crucible was stolen). Loss of the region, or massive damage to the harvest/field capabilities would likely have wider impact
- Any commoner going into battle has a very limited chance of survival.
- Don’t let what I’m including here limit you; this is just based on what was discussed yesterday. Throw other things out there and I can do the same.

For Link and Alana – are you going out of your way to avoid the army as you head East?


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