Rise of Orcus

Session Ten: Lever-ty is the Soul of Dungeoneering

In which Alana and Schmaull leave the taps running

The group undertook further investigation of the abandoned mine. After quickly dispatching the two ghouls (and Collin having discovered their ability to paralyse with a hard strike), Alana and Schmaull experiment with levers, Welby grabs a rock, and there is much wondering about the 5×5’ obsidian wall panel.

Returning to the other side of the dungeon (while Alana and Schmaull managed to break one of the levers and leave the taps running in the capstan room), everyone advanced cautiously, given what they had so far seen here. Finding another corridor – a side tunnel seemed to run into a less-well-worked area supported by pit-props (collapsed a little way down, but probably accessible with a bit of work), and heavy stone door, marked in some form of Dwarvish as ‘room’ or ‘chamber’ (the best translation Hrothgar could come up with.

This area was revealed to be an inward spiral of stone corridors, with a variety of immobile or inactive traps littering the way. Collin had a bit of an accident leaping over a spiked pit trap, with Welby in arms (which, while it probably caused him to fall into the pit into the first place, was also instrumental in getting him out again before he bled to death).

At the centre of the spiral was a dead female human and a treasure chest. Welby was duly suspicious, and managed to disarm a trap mechanism in the lid of the chest. Inside is a variety of ores – silver, and some other kind, as yet unidentified, and the diamond you sought. Welby collected the diamond, which was followed by an ominous crunching and grinding sound as the traps disappeared. I’m sure they were just tidying themselves away to make it easier for you to escape.


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